Quantum Comms Lab

What do we do?

Welcome to our research group's website. Our main goal is to build and characterize entangled photon light sources for terrestrial and satellite systems.  We have two main lines, 1) the enhanced production of single and entangled photon from quantum dots and 2) the characterization of their entanglement properties by means of a versatile Bell test. 

Current Main Activities:

Portable Bell Test

Our research group has successfully developed a portable bell test system utilizing BBO crystals in spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC) along with a laser source and two detectors. This setup allows us to conduct Bell tests efficiently and on the go, contributing to the advancement of quantum technology and our understanding of quantum entanglement.  

Entangled Single Photon Source

Our ongoing research endeavors involve the development of a solid-state entangled photon emitter, combining the unique properties of quantum dots with finely crafted nanoprinted resonator cavities. This approach aims to create a robust source of entangled photons, paving the way for practical applications in quantum technology and quantum communication systems. 

We have designed and implemented an optical system to observe antibunching behaviour in colloidal quantum dots by means of measuring the second order correlation function using a Hanbury Brown and Twiss setup. This experiment provides with enhanced comprehension of the optical properties of quantum dots and the sub-Poissonian statistics governing photon antibunching phenomena.